Interview Process Reflection

This piece was a very different piece compared to the ones we’ve done in this class previously. It was a sort of combination of the photo essay and the mock interview. I knew immediately when we received the assignment that I would be writing about my best friend’s mother who had immigrated from India as a child. We grew up as neighbors and I was always at their house eating Indian food and dressing up in her sari’s, but I never had heard her full story. We talked on the phone for an hour and a half. After writing it all up I had triple the word maximum for the project and had to delete things, stories including myself, random information like her favorite holidays and others that I didn’t feel fit into the vibe of my profile. I wanted it to sound authentic, not like one of those magazine five sentence introductions. In choosing my stories for the multimodal project, I knew I wanted to combine her childhood with the childhood of my friend, as well as her yoga experience as it was clearly very important to her. I did this by relating it all to how she keeps India with her today. I’m very proud of this project overall and had such an amazing time throughout the process.