Reflecting on my Interview

To write this piece, I began by thinking about my interactions with the interviewee, and where I saw the connections to her Indian culture. I found it in the food we ate together, the clothes I wore to her family’s events, the Hindu funeral for her father that I attended, etc. I used the culture I had witnessed to inspire questions about what I didn’t know- how her yoga practice connected her to her ethnicity, how her transition had been as a child, and more. When I actually got to speak to Alka, I had even more questions than I began with, and unfortunately time cut us off after over an hour. Everything image she described was so vivid that it made me want to know more.

After recieving feedback from Ms. Patel, an Emory writing center tutor, and my own mother, I realized the piece was too much in my own voice. I tried to separate myself except for a brief introduction to our history. I also included facts about Indian immigration as a whole in the United States to give the reader something to compare to. I went through my piece cutting out things I knew were unnecessary to the specific assignment. Overall, I’m very proud of the extensive work I have done on this interview profile.


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