Flipping through the photos, it easy to see a general theme: Contrast. Be it racial, color, or opinion based, everyone in the photos is in contrast to something else in a way. During the British Raj, the main example of contrast would be between the native Indians and the British elite, but contrast can be found in such smaller thematic places. There is contrast between the well dressed and the homeless, between the night and the light, the water and the dry, etc. as the following photos will show.

SC01196683.jpgThree white men are guided by two locals, the differences between the groups clearly highlighted by their position (outside/inside), their attire, and even their body weights.SC01196763.jpg

A wish of good health for the “King Emperor” light up on the side of a nice building. This image shows the message of the wealthy, distinctly bright against the dark night.DP00097495.jpg

White men sit at desks, learning and reading, as Indians stand back. Here contrast is show in their clothes and in their positions, standing in the back of the room rather than sitting at the desks.SC01197439.jpg

People wade through floodwaters, moving items to higher ground. The wet and the dry are portrayed starkly differently here, as those on the stairs, those higher up, are obviously the ones with more fortune and luck.DP00097511.jpg

A wealthy family’s portrait is taken, dressed in their finest sport clothing, as an Indian boy peers in from the background.SC01197433.jpg

Opinions clash as two men duel, the crowd gathered to see which side will prevail. SC01176120.jpg

A well dressed white man plays tennis dressed in bright white clothes, distinctly contrasting the dark black background.

SC01197564.jpgA poorly dressed bearded man is singled out and surrounded by a better dressed crowd.


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